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A fully equipped hospital with 3 Main Units is central to our mission of building core capacity in subspecialty care in West Africa. Our proposed hospital, will offer a fresh and new approach to delivering health care in Africa in a way that put patients and their families first while reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional care and training.

We propose a hospital that is a patient-centered healing environment, culturally sensitive, sustainable in design, functionally efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and hygienical on modern standard trying to use the best technology availlable to improve quality and reduce costs.

The hospital will be located in or near Accra, Ghana.  This hospital will serve as a center where physicians and nurses from the region can be trained while also providing highly specialized care. The need for this facility is tremendous.

The initial building will have 33 beds, 3 operating rooms, 6 outpatient consultation rooms and a training center. Modular architectural design makes future expansion feasible. Medicall specialties to be covered will include: General and Viszeral Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Urology, Internal-Medicine, Gynecoloy, Maternity and Pediatrics. The hospital will be staffed by experts from Europe and Africa.

Training Medical-Staff locally in the region by world experts in a well-equipped facility is the way to sustainably improve healthcare delivery in Africa. This project will impact so many lives now and in the future. We have commitments from many surgeons throughout the Europe and Africa, who work in outstanding institutions and are willing to volunteer their time to help train and assist local surgeons at this hospital. Now we need the hospital to be built. And we are making very good progress! Your help is needed anytime and anyhow!