Wandsbek - Hamburg - Germany, Lashibi, Accra - Ghana contact@health4yu.de +4915216899232 / +233577674666


How Can you Help? 

  • Make a tax deductible donation to support construction of the hospital
  • If you have free time to share, help us gather the Equipment and send it by Container to Ghana.
  • If you have a Clinic or Health-Facility help us with invalid out medical Equipment/Furnishing
  • Help us with our fundraising efforts. Email us at contact@health4yu.de about fundraising for the hospital.
  • If you have any other knowledge or capicity that can help us, (It, medical, construction, Ingenieur, transportation, (…)) get in touch!


  • Bankaccount
  • health4yu e.V.
  • Postbank Dortmund
  • IBAN: DE 3844 010 046 0389 196 468

22047 Hamburg
(VR 23339), Körperschaftsteuer (steuerbeg.) 17/430/17036

Please acquire your donation-receipt under: contact@health4yu.de